B3000 Diesel Engine

Model Rated power 
Rated rpm
Fuel consumption (g/kw.h) Oil consumption 
Overall dimensions 
Net weight 
BH12V190ZL 1360 1500 202 ≤1.0 2950x2280x2069 9300
BH12V190PZL 4189x2345x2636 11000
BH12V190ZL-3 1210 1300 2950x2280x2069 9300
BH12V190PZL-3 4189x2345x2636 11000
BH12V190ZL-1 1160 1200 2950x2280x2069 9300
BH12V190PZL-1 4189x2345x2636 11000
BH12V190ZL-2 960 1000 2950x2280x2069 9300
BH12V190PZL-2 4189x2345x2636 11000

Technical Parameters 

Structure type 4-stroke, direct injection combustion chamber,  water-cooled, exhaust gas turbocharged, inlet air inter cooling
Number and arrangement of cylinders 12-cylinder   V shape   60°angle
Diameter of cylinders(mm) 190
Stroke(mm) 215
Total displacement(L) 73.15
Compression ratio 14.5:1
Exhaust temperature(℃) ≤650
Outlet temperature(℃) ≤90
Oil temperature(oil sump,℃) ≤95
Steady speed change ratio (%) ≤8(generator sets≤5)
Cooling mode Pressurized water cooling
Lubrication mode Press and spray lubrication
Starting mode Air motor or electric motor starting